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OUR NIGERIAN VISION: A new Nigeria built upon strong moral principles of love, oneness of humanity, unity in diversity, justice, fairness, and other similar values; a rich and developed nation of global power, where everyone lives in peace, security, and prosperity. OUR FOCUS IS ON MORAL REORIENTATION AND LEADERSHIP. We believe that every human being is born to be a leader. That’s why God has given every man and woman the ability not just to have children, but also to raise, train and lead them. In fact, you don’t need any title to be a leader. You can actually lead from wherever you are. It is important to know that whatever you do or say, other people are watching and listening to you. And many people will follow the examples you set – whether they are good or bad. In our homes, workplaces, churches, mosques, at the traffic light, wherever we are, many people are influenced by the choices we make. MISSION: To be a platform for moral reorientation; to re-educate Nigerians on core moral values upon which great nations are built. Values such as love, kindness, justice, fairness, oneness of humanity, honesty, and other similar values.

We are all Leaders in various respects

Every human being is a leader by nature.  And as John Maxwell said, leadership is influence. So the question now is whether you are a good or bad influence wherever you are. As a parent, a guardian, a teacher, a pastor, an imam, a worker, a staff, an employer, an officer, a politician, whoever you are, you can lead by setting a good example for others to follow. You can be the change you want to see. You can make a difference. We believe that it takes transformed citizens to transform a nation.


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